Step into an Italian-inspired “eatery” at Brewers Feast: GABS Edition, where your ticket transports you to a culinary adventure celebrating the vibrant flavours of Italy. Featuring 3 small batch limited edition beers, each crafted to honour Italy's rich gastronomic heritage and available only at the GABS festival in Sydney and at this special edition of our Brewers Feast. From a palate cleansing Limoncello Sour to the aperitif, Negroni IPA, and finish sweet with a Tiramisu stout. Each beer is paired with a hearty Italian dish and accompanied by a talk from our brewing team on the technique and inspiration on each of these unique brews. In addition to this, we will be showcasing one of the most unique brews to have come from our tanks, our GABS beer for 2024 the Spaghetti Saison!


This playful exploration of brewing traditions and culinary arts is designed to offer an unforgettable experience.

The GABS Edition of the Brewers Feast begins at 6:30 pm on June 29th 2024. Ticket are $100 and includes 4 beers and 3 course seated beer and food pairing experience. Purchase tickets and reserve your place at the Brewers table here!

Mangia! Salute!