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To celebrate our year milestone we have brewed 'ONE'

'One' is an amplified big brother version of our 'Dark Red

IPA', which was the very first beer brewed at Six String.

'One' is hazardously flavoursome, with nearly double the malt

bill and quadruple the hop bill of his little brother. The

use of caramel and chocolate plural malts gives this beer

its velvety red colour and creamy off-white head, making it

mysteriously inviting. Hops dominate with a resiny, citrus

aroma which comes from numerous late hop additions

towards the end of the boil, in the whirlpool as well as dry

hopping during conditioning. The malts balance the heavy hopping

of the beer, giving it a balanced sweetness to bitterness

ratio. A big bold bodied beer!

10.2%abv         90ibu's