Mr Black Coffee Milk Stout Product recall

Product Recall Mr Black Coffee Milk Stout
Batch number 0721 – Best Before 12-05-21
Six String Brewing Co regret to inform our valued customers that we are recalling all Mr Black Coffee Milk Stout 375ml cans with the above batch and BB dates effective immediately. This is due to potential for re-fermentation exclusive to this specific batch.
We have been notified from some of our customers of cans expanding. The cause of this excess fermentation is being investigated but the potential of an increased ABV, as well as excessive pressure build up in the can, potentially leading to leaking or rupturing of the container means that we need to issue a full recall of this product.
NSW Health and Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, have been notified and have issued a recall notice (below).
Please note, that if you have already consumed the beer, it is not unsafe for consumption. The recall also relates solely to this specific release of Mr Black Coffee Milk Stout and only with cans with this specific date stamp, no other Six String products have this issue including Mr Black Coffee Milk Stout cans dated other than the above.
We don't imagine there will be many cans remaining but for those that have put aside cans we apologies for the inconvenience and will be more than happy to issue a refund. In our almost 8 years of brewing we have not had to issue a product recall and are disappointed that this has happened but it has only increased our resolve to up our measures to minimise any risk of this happening again so we can continue to produce high quality beers.
We would like to thank you for your continued support and understanding.
For information on receiving a refund or if you have any questions please contact