Our Beers

All our beers are preservative free, unpasteurised and unfiltered, giving the fullest possible flavour to our range. Our award-winning core range has four beers; Coastie, specially brewed for the Central Coast fitting right in to the beach lifestyle and synonymous with the Central Coast, TPA ~ Tropical Pale Ale, our newest addition to the core range, our full flavoured Pale Ale and our infamous Dark Red IPA for the discerning craft beer drinker.


Made from 100% Australian pale malt this Lager is an unfiltered crisp and refreshing Aussie rock legend. Clean and simple with raw energy, Coastie is light on body to allow the Australian hops and malt to shine through and late hopped to add an extra aromatic character. An easy going layed back aussie lager at its best.

4.8% ABV 12 IBU’s

Dark Red IPA

Loud and in your face this is the Heavy Metal of the Six String range. A little unconventional with it’s velvety dark red colour, hops dominate the aroma and add an intricate flavour which is balanced by the malt giving it the complexity of a metal riff.

6.0% ABV 51 IBU’s

Pale Ale

A hybrid of Australian and American style Pale Ales, it has an indie rock feel - a full flavour alternative accessible to the mainstream. This Pale Ale is pale golden in colour with a slight haze. With aromas of passionfruit, mango and citrus fruits from the hops, flavour leans somewhat towards the hops over the malts and end in a smooth refreshing dry finish.

4.8% ABV 30 IBU’s

Tropical Pale Ale ~ TPA

The easy going surf rock of pale ales. This decidedly hoppy beer has a melody of fresh hop character led by tropical fruits, Pineapple and passionfruit, reminiscent of chilled out summer days. The lingering tropical hop and mellow malt flavours are the smooth finish to this Tropical Pale Ale.

4.2% ABV 15 IBU’s

Seasonal Range

The brewery also produces a Limited Edition Seasonal range and Small batch brews. These are released for a limited time, often one off brew, sometimes one-off kegs, always limited edition and never dull. The following range are some of our seasonals that make a regular appearance.


A German style wheat beer made with a 50:50 ratio of wheat to barley. Well suited to a warm summers day with the smell of fresh bananas and a refreshing quality. The term ‘Hefe’ means ‘with yeast’ hence the cloudy appearance.

Celtic Fusion

An Oatmeal Stout that has been ‘cold drip’ infused with Onyx Coffee Co. coffee beans. It is deep black in colour with a thick tan head reminiscent of an espresso’s crema. All the body and flavour of a classic stout amped up with a definite coffee hit.

Golden Ale

This easy drinking beer is a good starting point for those new to craft beer. This is our mid strength beer at 3.5% ABV but definitely not lacking in flavour. A great entry level beer. Those who enjoy a Lager should enjoy our Golden Ale.


This limited edition Oatmeal Stout is dark and broody and full of body and flavour. Aptly named ‘Black’, it has a mild roasted coffee and cream flavour. Oats and dark roasted grains add a flavour profile that is complex with some nutty, grainy and earthy flavours as well as malt sweetness and smooth creamy finish.

Double Dark Red

With double the malt and triple the hops this Double Dark Red IPA is an amped up version of our legendary Dark Red IPA. The use of caramel and chocolate malts give it the trademark dark velvety red colour. With numerous late hop additions and at 100 IBU's it’s in your face hop aroma and flavour with notes of resin and citrus, but the rich malty body balances this and at 10% ABV this is all soothed by a mellow alcohol warmth.

Ram Stein

A Six String Take on a German Style ‘Marzen’, which was traditionally brewed for Oktoberfest. A smooth clean and rich Lager which is dark in colour. The malty aroma and upfront sweetness comes from the use of Vienna and Munich Malt. A lager yeast is used for its clean character to highlight the malty and slightly toasty aspects. A medium body and carbonation with a creamy texture makes the Oktoberfest beer soft and easy drinking.

Hella Good

A full flavoured well balanced beer with medium body and moderate carbonation making it an easy drinking IPA. The hero hop Ella is more like a diva than a star in this IPA. It gives a pleasantly intriguing floral hop aroma and a mix of floral and tropical flavours making it a great summer drinking beer. At 50 IBU’s the bitterness is surprisingly subtle, balanced by the sweetness of the clean, mellow malt flavours.

Cider and Lemonade

We also produce an in-house cider and Lemonade. Both are produced using Apple and Lemon juice from local Central Coast company East Coast Beverages.

Low Frequency Cider

An easy drinking cider, this apple cider was originally produced as a festival alternative to beer. It can be found at the many music festivals sponsored by Six String but can be tried at the brewery tasting room or at our sister restaurant Sounds on West in Umina.


in popularity, our Lemonade is as it should be, just lemon juice from local farms, sugar and sparkling water. Nothing else. Six String Lemonade can be found at the brewery and around the coast.